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Press Release: Huang Launches Run

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September 15, 2023 832-520-1057

Jessica Rose Huang launches run for Texas House Race

Local businesswoman challenges HD26 Rep.

Richmond-Jessica Rose, a respected Richmond businesswoman and leader in local economic development, neighborhood preservation, her church, HOA and MUD Board has officially filed her campaign treasurer to run for Texas House District 26 Representative in the March 5, 2024, Republican Primary.

“I have made my home and business, my church, family and community service

here in this community and have been encouraged with prayer and prompting by neighbors, business and Republican Party leaders to run because I am pledged

to represent the Conservative Christian tenets of this District to the Texas House

in Austin and not become part of Austin,” said Rose with enthusiasm at her filing.

“I will follow the Republican Party of Texas Platform as written and voted on at the Republican Party of Texas Convention. I will work to grow as well build our Party in this District, across Fort Bend County and throughout Texas for a future

Fort Bend that is bright and that honors the history of this county sea,” she said.

Rose remarked her family, friends and neighbors in House District 26 are looking with “excitement to this race that will treasure what is good about our suburban and rural home-town area to emphasize a future for Fort Bend County and all Texas where senior citizens feel safe, veterans are valued, entrepreneurs are excited to invest resources and families are provided property tax relief.

Using Conservative initiatives to propel private enterprise success and public education excellence in the district are two of the core motivators to her running.

The need for a representative that is respectful, reliable and responsive to Richmond and the area around it will be her hallmark.

The period to file for the upcoming Primary Elections is Saturday, November 11. The last day to file is Monday, December 11. Early Vote for the March 5 Primary begins Tuesday, February 24. The last day to Early Vote is Friday, March 1.


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