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Jessica Rose Huang

Republican for Texas House District 26

Jessica Rose Huang is your dynamic candidate for Texas State Representative in District 26. Her extensive experience in public service and unwavering commitment to her community make her an ideal choice for this vital political role.


Jessica's dedication to community service shines through her roles as a former President of an HOA and her current position as Director of MUD 215. She ardently represents the interests of her constituents, including successfully lowering the tax rate.


One standout achievement in Jessica's career was the skillful development and organization of the Richmond Farmers Market. Through this endeavor, she promoted local agriculture and supported small businesses. Her active involvement in organizations like the Weston A. Price Foundation underscores her commitment to fighting food inflation, protecting consumers from harmful chemicals, and preserving land.


Recognized as one of the "Young Leaders to Watch" in Richmond, Jessica has played a pivotal role in organizing events that benefit economic development and nonprofit organizations, such as the Richmond Farmers Market, Historic Richmond Association, and the Fort Bend Museum Docents.


It is worth noting that Jessica is a Constitutional conservative, with the Bible and the Constitution serving as the two guiding documents that inform every decision and policy she makes. Her commitment to these foundational principles underscores her dedication to upholding the values and rights that are the bedrock of our great state and nation.


Jessica is not just a public servant but also a family-oriented wife, married to Anthony Huang, with two stepchildren. Her faith is central to her life, and she actively participates in the First Colony Church of Christ, engaging in Bible study and prayer.


Her passion for keeping Texas first, whether through fortifying border security, protecting Texas' land, minerals, and water, prioritizing child development, repair our health and food systems, improve home appraisals, and safeguarding Texas from foreign threats makes Jessica Rose Huang an exceptional candidate for State Representative. With her diverse knowledge, leadership skills, and commitment to constituents, she offers a promising choice for those seeking true representation in their community and effective leadership at the state level.

Current Initiatives:

Small Business Owner

Board Member of MUD 215

President of the Historic Richmond Association

Board Member of the Fort Bend Museum Docents

Member of Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance

Member and volunteer of Weston A. Price FoundationMember of Children's Health Defense

Member of Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund

Member National Federation of Republican Women

Member of Fort Bend GOP

Member of Women's Republican Club of Katy

Member of Republican Women's Club

Member of Fort Bend County Young Republicans

Associate Member of Sweet Grass Republican Club

Member of Central Fort Bend Chamber of Commerce

Member of Fort Bend Chamber of Commerce


Past initiatives:

Delegate for the 2022 Texas Precinct Convention\

HOA President

Graduate of the Central Fort Bend Leadership Forum 2023

Richmond Farmers Market

Special Olympics of Texas Young Professionals Board

Attack Poverty

Christian Missionary

Volunteer at First Colony Church of Christ

Photo fo Jessica Rose Huang, Republican candidate for Texas House District 26.
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