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Jessica Rose Huang pivots her company Farmers Market Love with foresight of food inflation.

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December 4, 2023 832-520-1057

Jessica Rose Huang- pivots her company Farmers Market Love with foresight of food inflation.

Richmond-Jessica Rose Huang, a respected Richmond businesswoman, leader and Republican Candidate for State Representative in District 26 has made a pivotal transition of her company Farmers Market Love. After 2 years of a successful farmers market in the City of Richmond, Texas, Huang looks to expand her company to a bigger initiative.

“My business, and community service is to engage with small family-owned businesses in the region. The market’s mission was to be a launching pad for new businesses owners. We did that successfully. It provided a platform for novice businesses to gain access to a large client base, advertising and repeat customers. Local resident attendance has been the most encouraging experience. I’m thankful to have enriched Richmond in such an impactful way for over 2 years.” said Huang with enthusiasm.

“My vision for Farmers Market Love is to answer daunting questions; How can local agriculture be connected to the community in an efficient way? How do the masses gain access to local food sources? In the event of food shortages, price hikes and food inflation, these questions must be answered before it happens. A mitigation plan is best when dealing with hunger.” she said.

Huang remarked she has spoken to numerous decision makers about the threat of food inflation. Legislators, county officials, developers, engineers, food banks and more. “Food inflation, the development of Texan farmlands are not topics of discussion in legislation, local government or in land development. This is a critical subject that must be brought to the forefront.”

Huang continues, “When food prices hike, Texan’s are going to look for alternative ways to feed themselves. They will want unrestricted ways to grow their own food and purchase food from Texan ranchers and producers.”

Her research started in 2010 when she studied self-sustainable agriculture in the East Coast and Amish Country. The WWOOF (World Wide Opportunities of Organic Farming) program was an experience that left a lasting impression. Huang’s research and dedication to the Weston A. Price Foundation and other Farm and Land nonprofits are critical to her platform.

Jessica Rose Huang is a Republican candidate for State Representative in District 26. Her positions reflect her extensive knowledge and deep research of the food and agriculture industry. Huang explains, “Legislation must reflect the impending food crisis. Without a contingency plan, food will become unaffordable, and people will go hungry. Supporting our farmers, ranchers and producers is an absolute priority. Land, water, and mineral rights must be preserved. The choice is ours; action must be taken now.”


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