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Rutunda of the Texas State Capitol.

Policy Platform


Texas Security is National Security

Protect electrical grid by bringing manufacturing to Texas.


Empower law enforcement and support border patrol as they protect our communities.


Enforce penalties for violence, drug and human trafficking, and lawlessness by criminals.


Safeguard Texas land, minerals and water from foreign enemies.


Children are our Most Valuable Asset

Increase child abuse prevention and implement harsher punishments for abusers.

Improve foster care resources.

Expand school security.

Fortify children’s essential needs for proper health and development.



Demand lower taxes for Senior citizens.

Small business owners tax relief.

Implement family with children tax incentives.

Improve home appraisal and homestead exemptions.


Health and Food Systems are Critical

Protect Texas’ land, ecosystems, and resources as valuable to health and prosperity.


Prioritize Texas agriculture as an essential state and national industry.


Improve quality of food in schools.


Repair food systems to inhibit food inflation.


Medical Freedom and Safety

Demand a higher standard of informed consent.


Protect medical choice in employment and school settings.


Prioritize child development in medical practices. 

Defend right to privacy.


Texas Can Lead America to Energy Dominance

Diversify involvement in long-term, high-yield energy projects with positive potential.


Cut red tape to utilize Texas’ immense natural energy resources.


Incentivize and streamline industry operations to improve production and create jobs.


Jumpstart state and national economic growth through increased energy independence.


Education Empowers the Rising Generation

Restore public school integrity through transparency and accountability.


Refocus curriculum on core educational subjects to prepare children for success.


Safeguard against indoctrination, and encourage parental involvement.


Promote family and parental rights in education.

Protect homeschool rights.

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